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Spiral Q's 50/50 campaign seeks to secure support of our now and set us up for the future.
We know that a deep Spiral Q experience is something our communities never forget - we hope to make it official with you - as we build a group of folks who want to both reconnect with our work and pay it forward to new neighbors, artists, youth, apprentices, and activists through their financial support. 
Ways to Support
Donate now - help us reach our goal of 50K!
Pledge for the future - click here to join the Spiral Q Sustainers Club!
Donate now AND pledge for the future - give what you can now and let us know you're in for the long haul (or however long you choose). This is 2 transactions - you can donate here then click here to sign up for the club. 
We also have a 20/20 campaign - reaching 20,000 followers on our social media platforms - follow @spiralq on facebook, instagram and twitter (we're fun, we swear). 

$40,741 RAISED

$50,000 GOAL

This Campaign 148 81%
has ended. Believers Funded
This campaign has ended.